Types of Toys Border Collies Like

With all of the energy and intelligence this breed has, you know they love to play with toys. Rico, a Border Collie in Germany, was famous for knowing over 200 words – and most of those words were the names of his toys. Border Collies love to play. Here’s a look at some of their favorite toys.

Right at the top of the list of toys for Border Collies are interactive toys. Your Border Collie appreciates toys that give something back when he puts effort into them. Look for toys like Nina Ottosson’s puzzle games. These games have hidden sections underneath. The dog has to “solve” the puzzle and move pieces around to find the treats that you put inside. Plus, you can make the puzzles more difficult if your dog starts figuring them out too easily. These puzzle games were made for smart dogs like the Border Collie. Your dog will love them!

You can also look for Kongs or other challenging toys like the Buster Cube that you stuff with treats. They keep your dog busy while he tries to get the treats out. You can fill a Kong with peanut butter or cream cheese, put it in the freezer for a couple of hours, then give it to your dog. It will keep him happy and busy. There are lots of other interactive games today. Just look around the pet store and see what might appeal to your dog.

Your Border Collie will also likely enjoy a good chew such as a flavored Nylabone or a rope toy. Sometimes the old favorites are still good. Plush toys will also rank high with some dogs.

We can’t forget toys for exercise. Games of fetch will be popular with most Border Collies. Pick up a few balls and a flying disc for throwing. Your Border Collie will have a great time playing fetch with you and he’ll burn up some energy.

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