Border Collies and Children – Are They Good Family Pets?

Border Collies are often cited as the most intelligent breed of dog. They also have strong herding instincts and lots of drive and energy. Put all of these traits together and you have a dog who loves to work. While Border Collies love to play and find ways to use up their energy, they probably look upon children as something to herd, first; and as playmates, second. This may not be true for every Border Collie, but there are plenty of tales of these dogs herding small children. They likely consider it part of their job to keep kids in a neat flock.

For this reason, Border Collies may not be the best dog to have around if you have small children, or if you have wild, rambunctious kids and you don’t want the dog to keep them in line. (Most parents probably don’t want their Border Collie to play babysitter.) However, if you have older children, especially well-behaved kids, a Border Collie would likely be an excellent choice. A teenager who wants to spend time doing things with your Border Collie – especially if there is training involved and it will help your dog use up some physical energy – would be perfect.

Border Collies can also be problematic with some family pets. Again, they may want to herd them and keep them under control. Other dogs in the house, or your cat may not appreciate the Border Collie’s enthusiasm for herding or nipping at their heels. They will do best with other pets if they are raised with them from a young age, especially if the other pets are older and can tell the Border Collie to knock it off when he gets too pushy.

Remember that Border Collies are only following their instincts when they exhibit this behavior but they need to learn that kids and other pets are not the same as sheep.

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