Work and/or Games Border Collies Like

As you might guess, Border Collies are terrific at herding. Whether you have a Border Collie from show lines or working lines, you can expect your dog to exhibit this behavior to varying degrees. If you have a dog from working dog lines, your dog will probably have a very strong drive. Many breeders who breed Border Collies for herding are careful not to place these puppies in homes unless the owner will be using the dog for herding or herding trials. You are more likely to get a pet from the showdog lines today.

Border Collies can take part in sheepdog trials and herding events. Depending on the breed registry and event, there are various levels of experience required. Sheepdog trials are very competitive events and usually only dogs from working bloodlines compete. Herding events include tests and trials offered by the AKC and some of the working dog registries so dogs of different skill levels and experience can participate.

Border Collies are still used as working herding dogs to herd sheep, cattle, and many free range kinds of stock on farms and ranches. They love this work.

Border Collies also excel at a number of dog sports such as agility, rally, fly ball, dog dancing competitions, and tracking trials. They have also proven to be good search and rescue dogs, and are used as detection dogs for arson, drugs, and other investigations. Border Collies can do a great job at any kind of work that requires intelligence, training, and focus.

Border Collies also make good pet therapy dogs, visiting people in hospitals, nursing homes, and schools. Their gentle, kind nature makes allows them to comfort anyone in need.

At home your Border Collie will enjoy all kinds of training. They like mental challenges and spending time with you. Even if you just spend a little time each day practicing obedience commands, your Border Collie will have fun with it. They are incredibly intelligent and learn very fast. There is virtually no limit to what you can teach your Border Collie.

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